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How to contact us this Winter

We have had to make significant changes to how we work during Covid 19 to keep patients and staff safe. With winter coming and rising rates of infections pressure on the NHS will increase and we are preparing to deal with this.

You may know you can no longer walk into the surgery, and that reception no longer book face to face appointments directly with the doctors.   Instead the doctors review all requests and decide how best to respond; which might be a message, a phone call or an appointment.

The phone lines get very busy and mean that it can be hard to get through. You can help us a lot by using our new online contact form instead of phoning. This is available 24 hours a day (although obviously we only read them while the surgery is open). Using this makes it easier for us to know how many people need our help each day and lets us plan how to do this.

If you cannot use the online form for any reason, the receptionists will be asking you the same questions over the phone so please help us by answering these.  They are not being nosey, the doctors need this information.

We are still here for you and we are doing our best to offer you the help you need as quickly as possible.

Please support us by using the online form.

Thank you very much.